Excessive weight and obesity are two horrors of a happy life. Obese people are outcasts of the society. Normal weight people do not accept obese patients turning them to a laughing stock. Obesity causes not only physical health problems. It is a condition severely affecting the psyche of the patient. Acomplia is one of the most potent treatments of overweight and obese people. Obesity cause heart and blood problems, ruins vessels provoking varicose veins, short of breath and as a result lack of healthy activity and movements as all these cause wheezing. Human body is able to gain giant weight. There are known cases in medical practice when the weight of the patients were about 500lb. If not to stop the body to accumulate fat, then a patient is destined to die moveless. Acomplia helps to block fat absorption and to clear them out from the body. Among all the known obesity drugs Acomplia is one of the most efficient and aggressive medicines known in the history. Unfortunately, due to serious side effects, Acomplia has been withdrawn from the official market, but it is still possible to get these pills. You can buy Acomplia online without prescription even in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Still being available over the counter Acomplia should not be started without prior medical consultation. Visit your health care provider and tell you are going to start treating your excessive weight with Acomplia. Find out all the possible risks and report if you have serious chronic diseases which are related to your weight.

What is Acomplia?

Acomplia is a dieting drug which comes in pills to the market and has rimonabant as its key active ingredient. It is developed and marketed by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi in 2006. Acomplia is a CB1 receptor antagonist acting by suppressing the appetite and burning the fats deposited in the body. Decreased appetite ensures reduced intake of nutrients and fats and deposited fat burning will clear all the deposits out revealing vital energy which ca be used to train the muscles and shape the body.

Acomplia is administered only for obesity patients with body mass index exceeding 30 or for overweight people with body mass index exceeding 27 and performing extreme add of weight during a short period of time. Such conditions in the body increase the risks of development of cardiovascular diseases, various types of diabetes as well as certain types of cancer due to excessive load on functioning of vital body parts.

Acomplia is a super drug acting in multiple directions. By blocking CB1 receptors being responsible for appetite, amounts of consumed foods, addiction to food and food habits, the drug helps to change meal and food habits forever. During the treatment the patient loses interest towards tasty foods and eats only the foods to support healthy body functioning. When the treatment is over the brain has already developed new meal and food habits and the patient goes on taking healthy foods instead of rich calorie tasty snacks.

Acomplia is recommended to be combined with diet and exercising. Healthy diet will help to support normal levels of vital elements and nutrients for healthy functioning of the body while exercising will help to faster burn fats and to feel better. When excessive weight is fast reduced a body needs proper workouts and activity to work out joints and muscles which have been resting during a long period of time.

Acomplia is a serious medication which affects vital processes in the human brain unlike traditional dieting pills provoking loose stool only. You can buy Acomplia online, however in most of the countries including USA, UK, Australia and Canada the medicine is not available in offline stores. Moreover it is withdrawn from the market officially. If you want to try Acomplia to reduce weight and to re-teach your brain and body to consume healthy food and to eat it healthily then you should shop online.

Directions for the use of Acomplia

Acomplia should be used only by overweight or obese patients. If a patient features a body mass index lower than 27 Acomplia is forbidden in this case. The drug should be used strictly as it is prescribed by a doctor or in the instruction. Acomplia will not do miracle for your body without dieting and exercising.

The pills are taken according a strict schedule. In no cases Acomplia dosage should be increased. Some patients take a double dosage at once or increase the dosage gradually to get faster effect. However it is a proven fact that Acomplia will not prompt the fat and weight loss as it features a different mechanism of action. Unlike other slimming drugs, Acomplia works in your brain and not in your bowel or fat folds. Acomplia neither do raise the body temperature increasing thus fat burning nor promotes vomiting.

Clinical trials have shown that Acomplia may help to quite smoking and to prevent from weight gain after quiting.

How should I use Acomplia?

Before you will buy Acomplia online and take your first pill you should remember that FDA did not approved this drug as the association doubted its safety and focused on its side effects that appeared to be lethal. That is why before Acomplia treatment you should visit your doctor and ask about Acomplia plan.

Each box of pills of Acomplia comes with an instruction and recommendations on usage of the pills. Each pill of Acomplia contains 20mg of active ingredient added with inactive substances for better absorption in the body.

Take Acomplia only as it is prescribed to you or as it is indicated in the instruction. Take each pill with a glass of water.

What may interact with Acomplia?

You should be extremely watchful of all the drugs you take or have been taking during a previous month as some of the substances can accumulate in the blood or tissues of the body. Acomplia is actively interacting wit numerous drugs. Some of the medication will increase the level of Acomplia in the body promoting Acomplia toxicity (as nefazodone, clarithromycin). Other medications may boost the elimination of Acomplia in the body and thus decrease the efficacy of the drug (rifampicin, phenobarbital).

You should consider all the medications you have been taking, including herbs and teas.

What should I watch for while taking Acomplia?

The effect of the Acomplia treatment comes in at least two weeks as the body and the brain need time to rearrange the functioning. Patients who have made a decision to take Acomplia should be extremely watchful of their symptoms. Normally patients report appetite decrease with the first pill. Further on the appetite gets curbed completely and the patient gets able to control his or her eating desires. This is the main effect which a patient may notice at once. In two weeks a patient may notice first symptoms of weight loss. People are moving easier and the activity does not provoke wheezing.


Though you can still buy Acomplia online over the counter and take the pills as it is indicated in the instruction, still you should take care and learn all the contraindications of the drug.

Patients with severe renal impairment should not take Acomplia. The drug is forbidden in patients with severe liver diseases and uncontrolled psyche and depressive conditions.

Acomplia is contraindicated in women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy.

Acomplia is an age restricted drug. It must not be used in children under 18 as well as in geriatric patients after 65.

What side effects may I notice from Acomplia?

Acomplia is a drug affecting brain reactions and receptors, that is why most of the side effects are mental. Patients report shifts of mood and depression, irritability, anxiety and sleeping disorders. The drug was withdrawn from the market due to the cases of suicidal thoughts and severe depression. That is why we recommend to be under strict medical supervision during the treatment with Acomplia.

Other side effects of Acomplia are minor and consider digestion. These are vomiting, nausea and loose stool which considered to be a norm during any slimming treatment. Though you can buy Acomplia online over the counter, you should not neglect possible side effects and consult your health care provider prior to start of the treatment.