Up to 30% of people globally present specific allergic reaction which is called asthma. This is a specific respond of the body to the triggers from the environment. It is presented with bronchial spasms. People with asthma are unprotected in the aggressive environment. Severe episodes with strong bronchospasms cause hypoxia and shortness of breath. In case nothing will be done to relieve the spasm, a patient will die. Bad news is that the asthma can not be cured completely. Good news is that we have Advair which is a potent medication helping to relieve the spasms of bronchi and to reduce the number of episodes. A patient with Advair feels free in the environment full of triggers. Advair is not a rescue inhaler, it does not present immediate help to relive the symptoms and suffocation during the next episode of asthma. It is medication to reduce the quantity of episodes and their severity. You can buy Advair online over the counter. The medication is also available in USA, UK, Australia and Canada, but most of the pharmacies will require a prescription from your health care provider. To get the asthma control drug over the counter you should go shopping online.

What is Advair?

Advair is the next generation asthma control drug which is used to complement the rescue treatment with inhalers and to reduce the quantity of episodes and severity of every bronchospasms in a patient. The medication comes on the market in two forms: Advair diskus is the medication to help control asthma strokes in kids over 4 years old, and Advair HFA is a prescription asthma drug developed for kids after 12 years old and adults.

Advair treats both disorders of airways which are common symptoms of asthma. These are airways constriction and inflammations. Advair is included into the asthma control treatment if the current scheme fails to be successful, the severity of episodes increases and the episodes occur more often.

The main ingredient of the Advair is fluticasone propionate which is a corticosteroid which directly affects the bronchi. The drug comes in a form of inhaling substance to better reach the lungs and bronchi.

This is the most often used asthma drug to set a better control of the episodes and the disease in general.

Directions for the use of Advair

Advair is a prescription drug, though you ca buy Advair online over the counter in USA, UK, Canada and Australia as well. The drug is a corticosteroid and should not be taken by patients without prior seeing a doctor and getting prescription and treatment course.

Advair should not be taken to treat other lung diseases as it will turn ineffective.

Advair DISKUS can be used for treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases with obstructions as clinical studies have proved its efficiency of the disease. However the HFA drug should not be used for COPD treatment as it will turn ineffective.

Advair should be inhaled twice a day in a dosage your doctor will prescribe to you to ease the symptoms of asthma and to reduce the quantity of episodes. Do not try to increase the dosage of Advair as it will perform zero improvement if taken in larger dosages.

Commonly children after 4 and adults do well respond to two inhalations per day.

Advair comes in a round shaped container with an inbuilt dosage counter. There are two volumes of Advair available on the market: 60 and 250 dosages in a container. The counter will count back the dosages for you and will show red indicator when there will be less than 10 dosages left in the container.

How should I use Advair?

Before you will buy Advair online you should visit your doctor and find out which of the two available medication will be the right choice for you. When you will get your Advair container, you will need to learn how to use it. Mind that Advair should be taken only twice a day. Overdosing will not perform a faster effect or will not prompt the ease of symptoms. In most cases taking extra dosages of Advair will only overuse the medication without any additional effect over the health of lungs and bronchi as well as ease of breathing. Each Advair container comes with a step by step instruction on how to open, activate and inhale the medication.

If Advair is administered to children then they should use the medication only under strict supervision of adults. Advair is available in three different strengths, only your doctor will indicated which of the strength is best for you. It is recommended to start with the lowest one.

An interval between inhalations should be at least 12 hours. Get used to take the drug at certain time of morning and evening. Let it be a habit.

What may interact with Advair?

Advair is not as harmless a drug as it may seem to you. Being of vital importance for patients Advair features certain interactions with various drugs and should not be taken with antidepressants as this combination badly affects the vessels. The drug should not be combined with diuretics as tis combination may provoke hypokalemia or get worsen the condition.

Before starting the treatment with the drug a patient should revise all the medications which he or she has been taking for the last month as some of them may accumulate in the blood and body tissues enabling the interaction with new drugs. Mind all the herbs and teas as well.

What should I watch for while taking Advair?

Regular intake of Advair should ease the breathing, reduce the number of strokes and asthmatic attacks as well as turn them less severe. Some patients do not perform the ease of symptoms during the first days of the treatment. However a patient should not terminate the course only due to absence of the visible results.

In case the conditions get worse a patient should stop intake of the drug and report the condition to the healthcare provider.


Advair should be administered very carefully as the drug features numerous contraindications. Though you can buy Advair online without prescription does not mean that it is a completely safe drug. Main contraindications of Advair are as follows:

  • asthma episodes that get more frequent or worse
  • fungal infections
  • increased blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • insufficiency of pituitary gland
  • cataract

Advair should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Only a doctor may estimate the risks and decide on the administration of Advair to pregnant women.

What side effects may I notice from Advair?

Advair may cause some bacterial imbalance and various local disorders. Fungal infections of the mouth cavity are rather frequent side effect. The medication increases potential risks of developing pneumonia. Some patients report frequent illnesses during Advair treatment due to weakened immune system. The medication increases blood pressure and heart beat. Few patients report mental disorders as anxiety, insomnia and sleepiness.