Bacteria are ubiquitous. They are everywhere in the daily environment: at home, in the streets, on hour hands and meals. Fortunately, human body has developed a potent barrier to prevent penetration of the bacteria in the body. Unfortunately, the immune system of the body can be weakened with any exterior or interior factors. Visit this link: Cipro prices. In this case bacteria easily penetrate the body and multiply there. Fortunately, Cipro is a powerful antibiotic able to prevent bacteria from growth and to quickly clear them out from the body. Due to such medications as Cipro people can easily cope wit potential bacterial hazards. Some infections are very similar in action. They perform similar symptoms and even may affect the same body part (for example, ear, eye or urinary tract), however different bacteria are susceptible to different antibiotics. That is why before starting any treatment with Cipro you should visit a doctor and get tested. In this case you will be able to get the fastest and the most effective treatment of the bacterial infection and will recover soon. But if the antibiotics treatment is chosen without testing, then the treatment will turn ineffective and the infection will soon restart in the body with renewed vigor. You can buy Cipro online without prescription. Most of the online pharmaceutical stores deliver Cipro over the counter even to USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The drug is relatively cheap, effective and safe.

What is Cipro?

Cipro is an antibacterial drug having ciprofloxacin as its main active ingredient. Cipro is marketed in pills and oral fluid. You can buy Cipro online and while surfing you will find the drug under various brand names. Cipro is one of the essential antibiotics used in medical practice.

The active ingredient of Cipro interacts with DNA structures of bacteria and prevents them from multiplying and growing. Bacteria, being unable to grow, die in the body soon after affected by the immune system of the body. Cipro is a potent drug against many bacterial types and thus the medication will be effective to cope with the infections and diseases these bacteria start.

Among susceptible bacteria there are enterobacteria, legionella pneumophilia, gram-positive aerobic bacteria, streptococci, staphylococci. Ureaplasma and treponema are the resistant types of bacteria which will not respond to the action of medication.

Cipro comes to the market in various dosages. You can buy Cipro online in pills of 250mg and 500mg. We strongly recommend to buy pills of 250mg each. As in case the dosage will turn insufficient you will easily increase it after your doctor prescription to the next available dosage. However if you buy Cipro in 500mg pills it will be hard to split the pill in two equal parts.

Directions for the use of Cipro

Cipro can be used to treat only infections and diseases which are induced by susceptible types of bacteria. In all other cases Cipro will turn ineffective. The drug will relieve the symptoms and will mask the flow of the disease thus making the diagnostics even more perplexed.

Cipro is commonly administered against the next diseases:

  • pneumonias
  • pharyngitis
  • nasal infections
  • ovaries inflammations and tubal infections
  • vaginal infections (except of ureaplasma and syphilis)
  • skin and bone infections

Cipro is also used to prevent infections after surgeries. In this case a minimal dosage of the medication is administered for 3 to 5 days. In case of infection proved with clinical tests the course of treatment varies from 7 to 21 days depending on the quality and quantity of bacteria contaminating the body and the body parts the infection has already affected.

Noticing the symptoms of a possible infection you should visit a doctor and get necessary tests done to indicate exactly a type of bacteria causing the infection and to find out te optimum dosage of treatment.

How should I use Cipro?

Cipro is an antibiotic which kills and clears bacteria from the body. Unfortunately, bacteria are very resistant organisms to the action of medication. If the treatment will be incomplete or the dosage will not be enough to kill the bacteria they will boost the growth and expand over the body. That is why it is of ultimate importance to strictly keep to the schedule of treatment and take each pill timely.

A pill of Cipro is taken once or twice a day (it depends on the dosage) wit a glass of water. Meals do not affect the efficiency of the medication however the some patients report nausea and increased bowel movements if taking Cipro without meals.

Some patients try to prompt the treatment and desire to increase te dosage of Cipro to get the bacteria and the infection cleaned out from the body faster. Unfortunately, taking increased dosages of Cipro will only overdose a patient and will not help to cope with the disease faster. Bacteria need constant “attacks” of antibiotics to get curbed and cleared out from the body.

What may interact with Cipro?

Cipro may interact with various drug performing moderate to severe reactions in th body: it may provoke blood pressure jumps if taken with tizanidine, the medication will increase the action of anticoagulants. Some drugs may reduce the efficiency of Cipro. That is why you should warn the doctor about all the drugs you take constantly or occasionally as well as medicine herbs and teas. Some of them may present severe adverse reactions interacting with Cipro.

What should I watch for while taking Cipro?

Cipro will ease the symptoms of an infection right from the first dosage. The inflammation goes off, the pain gets easier which is marked with the fall of body temperature. Some patients are prescribed the increased first dosage (in case of severe symptoms) which is then gradually regulated by a doctor.

Cipro is an effective and safe medication, you can buy Cipro online over counter and take without prescription if you are sure in your diagnosis. However, if you notice some worsening of the symptoms you should immediately visit your doctor and report new or worsened symptoms.


Cipro is sold with prescription in the countries with strict drug control policy as USA, UK, Australia and Canada, however shopping online you can get Cipro over the counter. Cipro features a short list of contraindications:

  • Cipro pills or fluid should not be administered to patients with allergic reactions to antibiotics of the class in their background;
  • Cipro is forbidden in women planning pregnancy as well as in pregnant and breastfeeding patients. Only a doctor may evaluate the risks and prescribe Cipro to pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Cipro is not for children. This antibiotic is not administered to children under 18.

What side effects may I notice from Cipro?

Cipro is a well tolerable and safe drug. It does not perform severe side effects. Commonly side effects are performed by digestive system and are as follows:

  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • increased bowel movements
  • loose stool or constipation

Up to 3% of patients report pain in joints, swelling of the legs and arms, skin reactions.