Clomid is an ovulation inducing drug. Millions of women globally have a condition that is called anovulation. It occurs when the ovaries are disabled to produce or release a healthy egg. Without a healthy egg the conception and thus pregnancy is not possible. Recommended price for Clomid. There are multiple reasons for anovulation. Commonly ovaries need rest and there are up to two menstrual cycles per year which are anovular. This is considered to be a norm and this condition does not need any treatment. However, if a woman has several anovular cycles in succession and the ovaries present the signs of poor functioning, then Clomid is a perfect solution. Clomid is a prescription drug. It requires a special scheme of treatment which is administered in every individual case upon the results of tests of hormones, ultrasound and indirect symptoms (as basal temperature). Though you can buy Clomid online and get it without prescription even in USA, Canada, Australia and UK, still you can not take Clomid on your own as it is only a part of a scheme of ovulation stimulation. It requires additional dosages of luteinizing hormone as well as progesterone support of the second phase of menstrual cycle and HCG injections to provide normal environment for a possibly fertilized egg. You should not take Clomid on your own. This may interrupt your normal menstrual cycle and stop ovulation at all.

What is Clomid?

Clomid is an ovulation stimulating drug containing clomiphene citrate as its key ingredient. Clomid modifies the hormonal profile of the first phase of menstrual cycle in such a way that ovaries produce more follicles which under a condition of enough quantity of LH released by a pituitary gland will the release healthy eggs which then be able to get fertilized.

Clomid comes on the market in pills of 50mg dosage. However only a doctor will decide which dosage will be enough to stimulate the ovaries for follicles and eggs production. Clomid is taken according a certain scheme. It is usually started on the third day of menstrual cycle and is taken up to the seventh day of the cycle. But cases differ. The starting point of Clomid will depend on the average length of a menstrual cycle of a woman. Clomid is started on the third day by women whose menstrual cycle is 28-29 days. In longer or shorter menstrual cycles Clomid should be started either later or earlier. Only the ultrasound investigation will help to determine an exact day of starting the treatment.

Clomid is never used alone. It is always a part of a stimulation which requires other drugs and hormones to support the follicles, ovaries and eggs. Follicles need LH, an egg and the ovaries require sufficient progesterone levels to function well. High progesterone level ensures viability of the egg and its ability to implant in the endometrium for further development in the fetus.

If some part of the stimulation is absent, then Clomid may just ensure that ovaries will produce several follicles. In case of insufficient LH emission the follicles will outgrow in follicular cysts and this is a dangerous condition as cysts may burst provoking ovarian apoplexy (bursting). The apoplexy may result in severe internal bleeding and death. That is why you should be under strict medical supervision when getting stimulated with Clomid. The medication is available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, however all pharmacies will require a prescription for a drug. If you does not have a prescription, you can buy Clomid online over the counter.

Directions for the use of Clomid

Clomid is used according to a certain scheme which is set individually by a gynecologist after thorough testing of hormonal levels. Ultrasound monitoring of the ovaries response to the treatment is essential. Clomid is taken once per day starting from a certain day of the cycle and continuing the intake for a certain period. Commonly Clomid is taken from third to seventh day of the cycle.

Clomid is the first choice medication to induce ovulation in women with multifollicular ovaries (these are ovaries producing multiple follicles every cycle) and with polycystic ovaries (these are ovaries carrying too many cysts which prevent healthy follicles from growth and ovulatio).

Keep in mind that in case of multifollicular ovaries chances are very high to get several eggs fertilized.

How should I use Clomid?

A dosage of Clomid is taken once a day. You should take the pill with or without meals but with a glass of water. It is recommended to take the pills at the same time every day (in equal 24 hours intervals). Keep in mind that you need to control the response of the ovaries with ultrasound to get to know whether the ovaries respond to the treatment, whether the next step is needed and what support of the second phase of menstrual cycle is essential.

What may interact with Clomid?

There are no precise information about Clomid interactions. However keep in mind tat any pill you will take prior, during or after the treatment with the drug may affect its efficiency as well as postpone or “kill” ovulation. Thus, if your are going to stimulate your ovaries with Clomid you should tell your doctor all the medications you are taking constantly or occasionally as well as all serious remedies you have taken during tis month. Warn your doctor if you were taking birth control pills in your previous cycles as the withdrawal of these pills stimulates ovaries and they release even more follicles.

Clomid should not be taken along with dietary pills as well as the next month after the dieting is stopped.

What should I watch for while taking Clomid?

Clomid stimulates ovaries to grow healthy follicles. That is why you may feel some discomfort in the lower abdominal part. Avoid taking drugs, herbs, teas and foods as well as vitamins that can suppress ovulation. This may happen that overdosing with certain vitamins (consuming certain vitamins over the norm in pills or foods) will suppress ovulation. Do not take birth control pills when getting stimulated with Clomid.


Clomid is contraindicated in cases of sufficient hormonal imbalance which makes gestation impossible. That is why stimulation of ovulation may help to start pregnancy, but the body will then reject the fetus. Such a condition may sufficiently harm mental and physical health of a woman.

That is why it is of ultimate importance to get clinical tests for hormones. The analysis are taken on the second day of the menstrual cycle. Commonly it takes up to several hours to get results and plan further treatment or stimulation.

What side effects may I notice from Clomid?

Though you can buy Clomid online without prescription, still you should keep in mind that it may provoke mild to severe side effects which are abdominal pain and multicystic ovaries. The pain is considered to be a norm as the ovaries produce multiple eggs, however if cysts appear the condition requires strict medical control and other medications to reduce the risks of apoplexy.

Clomid may stimulate breast tenderness. It is a norm. Headache, flashes and increased irritability are also considered to be normal conditions as they are related to increased hormonal levels in the female body during stimulation. Some women perform bleeding. This is an abnormal condition which requires emergency help.