One pill of Singulair per day makes your life with asthma easier

Singulair is one of the trade names of montelukast which is used in treatment of asthma and some types of both indoor and outdoor allergies. The active element is leukotrienes. It is the chemical element which is usually naturally coming out of the human body when it is breathing in the allergen. Singulair is the prescribed only medication which is used in long term asthma treatments and in cases of asthma attacks. Usually it is prescribed for adults and for children elder then 12 months. Sometimes it is used to treat narrowing of the lunges (bronchoconstriction).

You have to be informed by your doctor that Singulair is not immediately healing the asthma symptoms. It may take several weeks for this medication to start making an effect. For severe asthma attacks it is better to use inhalation drugs.

The chewable tablet of Singulair is usually prescribed to be used once in the evening with or without food. It has to be chewed before swallowing. The normal tablets of Singulair can be taken with the glass of water. You should report it to you doctor if you don’t feel yourself better during the two weeks period of treatment,. Please make sure that you are not allergic to montelukast and report if you have any symptoms like depression, bad mood, nervousness, etc. Chewable tablets consist of phenylalanine. Patients who are allergic to phenylalanine should not take Singulair. You have to follow the prescription and to take the tablet once a day on the regular basis. If you use granules, you have to use them within 15 minutes after opening.

There are no recorded symptoms of Singulair overdose. Side effects may include skin reactions , muscle pain, shaking, worsening of asthma, mood changes, headache, fever, insomnia, stomach problems, ear pain, unexpected bleeding, respiratory infections, dark urine, etc. You should report immediately about any side effects that you indicate.

In most of asthma disease cases Singulair is prescribed with other medications. The prescription have to be accurately followed in connection to all medications taken together. You have to inform your doctor if you use such other medications as Rifampin or Phenobarbital.

Montelukast is not dangerous for pregnant women, it has category B, also for nursing mothers there were no fixed cases of Singulair affecting the breast milk. Singulair os not expected to make any harm for the future child.

Singulair has to be stored in a dark and cool place secure from children.