Asthma is impossible to live with. Patients are obliged to avoid everything healthy people simply enjoy day after day. Fortunately, modern pharmaceutical industry has developed a very potent medicine to correct the symptoms and to ease the flow of this bronchial disease. It is Prednisolone. Timely administration of Prednisolone reduces the quantity of episodes of bronchial, provides better control over the symptoms and episodes and turns the episodes not as severe as they turn out to be without treatment. Prednisolone is a serious drug which should only be prescribed by a doctor after proper clinical tests. This drug is also used for a variety of diseases to curb and cure. Prednisolone performs anti-inflammatory effect and is used to suppress immune system in cases of surgical transplantation of tissues and organs. It is also used as a part of complex treatment after serious surgeries and may be included in the treatment schemes for leukemia and auto-immune conditions. In this case Prednisolone needs strict medical supervision and constant lab monitoring of vitals and of key systems functioning.

Prednisolone is often a first choice medication to treat allergic reactions which are abnormal response of the body to allergens. Though being a potent drug still you can buy Prednisolone online even in the drug stores of US, Canada, UK and Australia which are the countries known for their strict policy of drug control. Using Prednisolone for asthmatic episodes is safe if the treatment is controlled by a doctor.

What is Prednisolone?

Prednisolone is a synthesized glucocorticoid in form of a solution, pills, injectables and intra-articular injections which is used to treat different conditions in patients as arthritis, allergies, severe asthmatic conditions which do not response to other types of treatment as inhalators. This is a synthetic hormone which is naturally produced by an adrenal gland. It is used to modify the response of immune system of the body and to reduce inflammations caused by excessive functioning of immune system as asthmatic reactions to various triggers of the environment.

The medication gets fast absorbed into the blood and blocks the function of immune system thus performing fast relief of the symptoms. If Prednisolone is used for treatment of asthma, a patient feels the relief of symptoms as well as notices the reduction of quantity of episodes. If Prednisolone is used to treat allergic reaction, then the patient feels almost complete recovery from the symptoms. Unfortunately both conditions are impossible to completely cure. However proper dosages of Prednisolone may reduce the episodes and the severity of reactions of the body to the asthmatic or allergic triggers.

Directions for the use Prednisolone

Prednisolone is a hormonal drug and it performs serious effect on the body in general and the hormonal profile in particular. Though you can buy Prednisolone online over the counter, still US, UK, Canada and Australia drug stores will require prescription to sell the medicine.

Prednisolone should not be used on ones own without prescription even if a condition and diseases are proved with clinical tests.

Prednisolone should only be used in cases of:
• auto-immune diseases

In all other cases Prednisolone is a medication of choice or is used in a complex therapy of various diseases where the suppressing of immune system is necessary. Prednisolone is forbidden to use for treating inflammations of unknown genesis. There is information on the web that Prednisolone is a potent drug for arthritis. The medicine will ease the pain and will minimize the inflammation of the bones and joints, however it will not cure the case. In most cases Prednisolone will mask the symptoms and will make further diagnostics even more complicated. In case a patient suspects arthritis and inflammations of joints, it is of vital importance to visit a doctor and to get tested. Bone and joints diseases are hard to cure. Improper treatment may cause worsening of the conditions.

How should I use Prednisolone?

Prednisolone should only be used as prescribed by a doctor or as it is indicated in the instruction for the medication. A patient should strictly keep to the prescribed dosages and the scheme of intake, otherwise the treatment will turn ineffective.
Prednisolone should be taken according the schedule with or without meals. In case a patient is prescribed pills then the medicine should be taken in exact dosage. The pill should not be chewed or split right before intake.

What may interact with Prednisolone?

If you buy Prednisolone online over the counter and you are going to start treatment without visiting your doctor you should research the possible interactions of Prednisolone with other drugs.

Prednisolone interacts with all heart medications. The result will be increased heart beats. The risk of stroke gets sufficiently increased.

Prednisolone should not be taken along with drugs controlling epilepsy. Birth control pills will increase the effect of Prednisolone thus a increasing the risk of its side effects.

Prednisolone will minimize the effect of anticoagulants (drugs used for blood thinning). Prednisolone should be taken carefully by patients with diabetes. Medical supervision is a must in such cases as the drug will minimize the effect of diabetic medications.

What should I watch for while taking Prednisolone?

When taking Prednisolone a patient should be extremely watchful of his or her overall condition. The drug may suppress the functioning of heart and blood system as may affect the lungs and liver. Prednisolone suppresses immune system of a patient, thus a person gets more susceptible to viruses and bacterial diseases. When a person is treated with Prednisolone he or she should avoid all possible triggers of diseases as the body will not be protected by the immune system.

People getting Prednisolone treatment should avoid alcohol and dieting. Moreover slimming pills are forbidden during the treatment.


If you buy Prednisolone online you should learn all possible contraindications for taking the drug. Prednisolone is forbidden in patients with depression, severe forms of epilepsy, severe cases of cancer. Patients who are undergoing chemo or radio therapy of cancer. Patients who have undergone aggressive antibacterial or antiviral treatments should not start Prednisolone soon after.
Live vaccination is also forbidden during Prednisolone treatment.

What side effects may I notice from Prednisolone?

As an average drug Prednisolone can present side effects. In most cases the drug is well tolerable and patients notice no adverse reactions of the body. Some mild side effects require only dosage correction. These are dizziness, headache, acne, nausea combined with increased appetite and vomiting.

Unfortunately, some patients experience severe side effects as bleedings, menstrual cycle shifts, vision changes, difficult breathing. In these cases a patient needs to immediately visit a doctor.