Male hair baldness is one of the most frequent diagnosis of male baldness occurring due to genetics and hormonal imbalance factors. Men start loosing hair on the crown and the condition turns permanent. In most cases the hair does not grow again after falling. Te condition is not age related. Though in most cases it starts after 35 years of age. Until recently the only possible treatment of the condition was surgical hair restoration. Due to over half a billion dollars of research the Merck company has invented a conservative cure of male pattern baldness. Initially Propecia has been developed as a drug for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (in simple words, enlarged prostate gland). However due to research a very prominent side effect was noticed. Over 70% of men with the signs of male pattern baldness and who have been treated with Propecia are starting to grow hair. You can buy Propecia online. The drug is also available to buy online in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

What is Propecia?

Propecia comes to the market in pills which belong to 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting class of drugs. The medications of the class are commonly used to treat the conditions in the body caused due to the levels of dihydrotestostrone. The DHT is a powerful hormone. Its imbalance in the male body causes the conditions of male patter baldness, enlarged prostate gland and gland cancer.

Male pattern baldness has been considered incurable condition until recently. However Propecia binds the receptors in the hair follicles and prevents them from shrinking. Thus the treatment is effective and stops hair thinning. Proper treatment course with Propecia results in growth of normal hair from follicles which commonly shrink and stop their activity on the crown of the head.

Male pattern baldness is not only a male diagnosis. Rarely it appears in women. The causes are still unknown. Among the most cases the reasons of the diseases are hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, environment and lifestyle, dieting, age and genetics.

The active ingredient of Propecia is finasteride. Each pill of the drug contains 1mg of active ingredient. The drug comes in film-coated pills. The course of intake and its length as well as auxiliary medications are prescribed by a doctor.

Propesia is a serious drug. It affects hormonal levels in the body and should not be taken without prior testing. Moreover Propecia should not be used in women. If a woman is diagnosed a male pattern baldness she needs to get thoroughly examined. Propecia is only for men. In women the pills can cause dangerous jumps of testosterone which will affect fertility, gestation and fetus. You can buy Propecial online without prescription even in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. However to escape possible health risks it is better to visit a doctor prior to taking your first pill.

Directions for the use of Propecia

Propecia is a medication which should be taken strictly keeping to a prescribed schedule. Propecia is used only to stop hair thinning and loss. Clinical trials and the cases of treatment have shown that Propecia decreases DHT level thus preventing the hair follicles from shrinking. Propecia mostly affects the hair loss of the head crown area.

You should take Propecia if you notice the next symptoms:

  • increased hair loss which is not associated with any other lifestyle or health changes. Keep in mind that dieting, physical and mental exhaustion, various diseases and even daily care products may greatly affect the loss of hair. New climate and aggressive environmental factors are as well a frequent reason of hair loss.
  • Hair thinning by the male pattern
  • baldness which is not related to age

Propecia is a powerful medication which will prevent hair loss or thinning caused by genetic factors. However it will present only temporary effect. If the male pattern baldness is genetically determined, then Propecia should be taken regularly by courses of treatment.

Propecia should not be taken by women under any condition. Children should be kept off.

How should I use Propecia?

To achieve the best effect of Propecia, you should visit your doctor and get examined. The levels of testosterone and DHT are of crucial meaning for the success of treatment. Only based upon the results of testing you can get an optimum dosage prescription. If you dare risk to take Propecia treatment without prescription, then you should strictly follow the instruction provided with the pills.

Propecia should be taken only by mouth with a full glass of water. Foods and fats do not affect the treatment. So you can take a pill with or without foods.

You should not take Propecia in larger dosages than it is prescribed to you or it is indicated in the instruction to the pills as overdosing will not prompt the effect. Moreover, the effect will be performed rather slowly due to ability of hair to grow. Propecia will stimulate just normal growth of hair. This means that you will not notice the effect of treatment in a week. The first results of treatment can be estimated only after a month of regular drug intake. To track the efficiency of treatment with Propcia you can get DHT and testosterone tests done regularly as Propecia does affect the levels of these hormones. Do not interpret results of the tests on your own. Visit a doctor.

What may interact with Propecia?

Propecia can be affected by many drugs which may reduce or boost its effect. Propecia is forbidden to be taken with drugs containing male hormones. The drug should be used extremely carefully with other medications for treatment of enlarged prostate gland.

If you decide to take Propecia on your own, then make a list of all medications you have been taking for the last month and visit your doctor. Keep in mind that even medicinal herbs should be considered as these may be powerful phyto hormones.

Consider all the pills and fluids you have been taking as well as topical ointments, gels and other fluids or powders. Most of these can also contain substances affecting hormones in the body. If you will take Propecia after them, you can get adverse affects or worsening of the conditions. Besides, many serious diseases, disorders and dysfunctions are hormone related conditions.

What should I watch for while taking Propecia?

Propecia is commonly a well tolerable drug, however it may perform some side effects and change some conditions in your body. Besides, being a potent hormonal suppressant Propecia should be carefully used with other medications. While taking Propecia watch your symptoms and conditions. Propecia is not affected by foods or drinks. It is recommended to watch for the hair growth. If new hairs do not appear in a month of taking the medication, then you should visit your doctor to revise treatment or dosage. You can still buy Propecia online and get original drug for male pattern baldness.


Propecia is forbidden in women and children as well as in men with sufficiently decreased levels of male hormones. Propecia is also contraindicated in men with prostate diseases and prostatic cancer as it may boost the growth of new malformations.

What side effects may I notice from Propecia?

Propecia is a well tolerable medication and commonly the drug does not perform severe side effects. Clinical trials have shown that up to 8% of men notice decrease of libido and erectile disorders (inability to develop and keep erection). Only 2% of men reported allergic reactions as skin rashes or redness. Up to 7% of men notice the decrease of an average amount of semen. It is considered to be a norm. The amount of semen will restore after the treatment.