Depression is one of the major psyche disorders and the most frequently diagnosed condition in people of 25-35. Due to a hectic lifestyle, overload of tasks and information people lose control over reality and feel disabled to keep up with a crazy pace of life. On this point the brain falls into depression. Prozac is a powerful and the most prescribed drug to combat depression. The medication is effective for treatment of obsessive compulsory syndrome and nervous bulimia. All of these conditions perform lethal risks for a patient if untreated. Prozac affects the levels of hormones in the body and boosts the levels of serotonine. When patients with depressive disorders are checked and examined, low levels of serotonine are indicated. Prozac helps to reduce the symptoms of depressive and other mental disorders as well as to completely recover. You can buy Prozac online over the counter. US, UK, Canada and Australia pharmacies may require the prescription. To get a prescription for Prozac you need to visit your health care provider and tell about your mental conditions. In most cases patient’s complaints are enough to get a prescription, however there are cases when a serious psychiatric examination is needed.

What is Prozac?

Prozac is a potent antidepressant drug which comes as serotonine reuptake inhibitor. It is developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. You can buy Prozac online or find its generic forms. First Prozac appeared on the market in 1987. It is an FDA approved drug. Moreover FDA approved the medication for administration to pediatric patients to treat obsessive compulsory syndrome signs and bulimia associated with psyche disorders.

Prozac comes in pills. Each pill contains 20mg of active ingredient which is fluoxetine. Prozac increases the levels of serotonine in the brain and induces the production of this hormone thus performing therapeutic effect. The medication “teaches” the brain to produce more hormone of happiness. Sufficient levels of this hormone stimulate good mood, reduce anxiety and suppress with irritation.

Prozac does not affect hormonal profile of the body. It only affects the serotonine levels. Prozac is a safe medication however medical supervision is necessary to control severe cases of depression I adults and all cases of treatment of children.

Directions for the use of Prozac

Prozac is available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia with prescription. It is one of the most prescribed drugs to treat mental disorders in adults and children. Numerous studies have shown it as safe drug for combating depressive disorders in patients. Prozac should only be used to treat next cases:

  • depressions of different genesis
  • bulimia induced with mental disorders
  • obsessive compulsory syndrome in children and adults

Prozac is a powerful medication and it fast copes with the symptoms of mental disorders, however it does not treat the reason of the conditions. Mood hormone levels are extremely sensitive to the psychological environment of a patient. Our environment constantly poses triggers for our psyche. The treatment of mental disorders needs not only pills but supervision of psychiatrist or psyche therapist who will help the psyche not to “forget” about the triggers or not to develop immune protection against most probable triggers, but will help to learn to cope or to deal with the trigger. Psyche therapist will help to make the psyche less sensitive to environmental and inner triggers keeping anxiety low.

How should I use Prozac?

Prozac is a pill that should be taken by mouth with a glass of water once a day. In case of complicated mental conditions the dosage of Prozac is individually prescribed. Your health care provider needs not only to do common clinical tests but to get the admission of psyche therapist to prescribe you higher dosages of Prozac.

Prozac should be taken strictly as it is indicated by a doctor or in the instruction as overdosing may perform adverse effects as well as to worsen the case. Suicidal syndrome has developed In many patients who constantly overdose with Prozac. If a prescribed dosage does not help you and does not ease the symptoms, address your doctor and tell that the effect is weak. Only your doctor can manage the treatment course or increase the dosage of the drug. Prozac is dangerous to take uncontrollably. It may kill the patient. The pills will not do any harm to the physical health of the patient but will develop suicidal thoughts. Some patients did suicide during uncontrolled Prozac treatment. Still you can buy Prozac online without prescription, but do visit your doctor before starting treatment.

What may interact with Prozac?

Prozac will interact with other depression drugs and in such a combination may worsen the depression. Monoamine oxidase containing drugs will perform severe reactions in the body if mixed with Prozac. If a patient as been treated with such medications, then Prozac is possible to administer only after 14 day interval. To renew treatment with monoamine oxidase containing drugs after Prozac a minimal interval of 5 days is required.

What should I watch for while taking Prozac?

Prozac will bring you a peace of mind. Patients report lower anxiety right from the first pill. Depressive disorder symptoms seize and become less prominent. In cases of mild depression which is easily treatable a patient should track his or her symptoms and report new ones to a psychiatrist. In case of severe depression the response of the patient’s psyche should be tracked by a specialist. 78% of patients report ease of symptoms, better mood and fewer episodes of anxiety. Patients with frequent panic attacks report reduction of episodes.


Prozac is a safe medication which is approved for administration to adults and children, however there are certain contraindications which a patient should mind before starting treatment. Prozac is forbidden to use in children without prior medical examination. Pregnancy, breastfeeding are also contraindications to start Prozac. Women planning pregnancy should discuss Prozac treatment with their psychologist or gynecologists. Only a specialist should evaluate all potential risks of administration of antidepressants to women planning to get pregnant.

What side effects may I notice from Prozac?

Prozac is an average antidepressant. You can buy Prozac online over the counter and take it as it is prescribed in the instruction. Being a drug for psyche, Prozac provokes common mental side effects as sleeping disorders (sleepiness or insomnia), headaches, decreased libido in women and erectile dysfunction in men. Among side effects of Prozac there are digestive ones as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and increased bowel movements.