People who suffer from seasonal allergy, also known as seasonal rhinitis or hay fever may breathe easier with the help of Singulair, the medication which is blocking the leukotriene receptors in the respiratory tract. The active substance of Singulair is Montelukast, which inhibits the spasms of bronchi in cases of bronchial asthma. Those spasms are usually caused by breathing the irritants which may be the pollen of blossoming flowers or any substances containing elements that cause asthmatic spasms.

Usually 5 mg of Montelukast is enough to stop the spasm. The tablet begins to make an effect in couple of hours. Increasing the dose to more than 10 mg per day will not produce additional effect.

Singulair is very well absorbed; the food does not lower the effect of the medication. Montelukast is actively metabolized by the liver. There are no restrictions for people with kidney or liver diseases to use Singulair.

This medication is used for long term treatment and for relief of allergy and asthma symptoms for adults and infants elder than 6 years. It is used for treatment of patients who are sensible to aspirin and also to those who have bronchi spasms, caused by physical overload. Singulair is cutting off night and day symptoms of seasonal allergy and asthma. In case of allergy the tablet may be taken any time during the day or night, but for patients with asthma it is usually prescribed to be taken before going to bed.

Because of the good absorption and metabolism there are no recorded cases of Singulair overdose. Side effects occur rarely and are not very hard. Singulair sometimes is prescribed together with other bronchi asthma treatment medications for the patients having long period of treatment. Singulair medication increases the effect of glucocosteroids inhalation therapy.

There are no restrictions for taking this drug if you drive the car or need concentration. It is recommended to keep Singulair in the cool dark place.

The expiration period for the tablets is 3 years and for the chewable tablets – 2 years.

For the patients who use inhalers it is recommended to combine it with Singulair, which can decrease the number of needed inhalations. But it is not recommended to stop using inhalers after the short period of treatment time.

You should always consult your doctor about any changes in amount of doses; even if you are feeling better don’t make any decisions without consulting your doctor.

Singulair generic medication

Today millions of children, adults and old people are suffering from allergies resulting from exposure to pollens, dust mites and cat dander. These irritants result in serious medical conditions like anaphylactic reactions, asthma, hives and sinus allergies. Some other common irritants are reactive chemicals, animal proteins, flour, enzymes and natural latex. Among all others, Asthma is one of the most serious problems and can reoccur periodically and result in severe attacks. Fortunately, there are number of medicines that have been designed to protect humans from this deadly condition. Singulair is one such drug and one can buy Singulair online.

It is nothing but a Leukotriene inhibitor which inhibits the body from releasing the chemical Leukotrienes when an allergen is breathed in. These allergens cause the tightening of muscles surrounding the airways and swelling inside the lungs resulting in symptoms of asthma. This medicine can be administered to children as small as twelve months to avert attacks of asthma. Care must be taken not to administer Singulair to children without permission from the doctor. It is to be taken daily only once in the evening in order to prevent asthma. The tablet must be taken with a glass full of water. Chew the chewable tablets completely before swallowing in. symptoms may improve only after few weeks of taking the medicine. Store it in a cool and dry place.

One can buy Montelukast online as these online stores not only focus on patient safety but also on cost- containment. Complete accuracy and safety is taken regarding the order placed. In addition, in today’s busy lifestyle making online purchase of medicine seems to be the best option. The price of the medicines is also very affordable as compared to the local chemists shop. Chemists have also become aware of the requirement of the consumers and thus the advent of online stores came about. Thus, buy Singulair online to feel convenient and shop from home.

Some of the side- effects of this medicine are skin rashes, severe tingling, muscle weakness, anxiety, shaking, unusual bleeding and sinus pain, irritation, mood changes etc. Less serious ones are headache, heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, tired feeling, tooth pain, mild rashes and coughs. Before buying online the most important thing is to check whether the site is genuine or not. Sometimes fraudulent cases have also been reported where the medicine supplied was not original. Singulair must be taken only with the doctor’s prescription.