Sterilization can not cause the impotention

In our country (UK) the women not men take care of contraception. Meanwhile, especially in the USA and China, more and more popular becomes the method of male sterilization. Urologists can tell us about this contraception method effectivity and influence upon the man’s sexual ability.

This operation is rather easy and can be done is every urological department. It is tying up the sperm ducts. As a rule it is done under local and esthesia.

There are several methods of doing this operation, also without any scalpel and even with the help of some injection into sperm ducts which influences the passage of sperm.

But it is necessary so that the couple and the man himself know about it though it is possible to renew the work of ducts, but very often spermatozoons become unable for impregnation in a usual way. The longer time passed after sterilization, the smaller chances a man has to safe his fertility. Also it is necessary to take into consideration the fact than according to laws only the men over 35, and the over 30 but with 2 children, can do a sterilization.

The man’s sexual ability is in no way influenced by sterilization.