Tadapox is a mixture of two most effective drugs administered to treat sexual disorders in men. These are Tadalafil which is the main ingredient of Cialis and Dapoxetine which comes on the market as Dapoxetine or under a brand name Priligy. Tadapox combats male erectile disorders as erectile dysfunction being an inability to develop erection strong enough for a sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation being inability to last long during physical sexual contact. Both of the symptoms can be of temporary and permanent character. The causes of the conditions are different. Unfortunately Tadapox will only help to improve erection and to keep it long enough for satisfaction of a partner and a patient himself, however the medication will not treat the reason and thus the condition will keep in the body. Good news is that you can buy Tadapox online without prescription. For patients from USA, Canada, Australia and UK Tadapox is also available online.

What is Tadapox?

Tadapox comes in small yellow round shaped pills. The drug is available in two dosages of 60mg and 100mg. Each pill of 60mg contains 20mg of Cialis and 40mg of Dapoxetine which are the lowest effective dosages of both medications. Each Tadapox pill of 100mg contains 40mg of Cialis and 60mg of Dapoxetine. Each patient should start with the lowest dosage of the drug and watch the effect.

Tadapox is the simplest solution for men facing two of the major sexual male disorders. This is a safe combination of drugs. Moreover it is the most effective combination of drugs. Cialis and Dapoxetine can be bought separately and taken each on its own in different intervals of time. But it is not very convenient keeping in mind both schemes of treatment. Tadapox solves the problem of intake. A patient needs only one pill to combat both of the problems. The man should not follow a schedule, keep tracking of pills and dosages. Just one pill of Tadapox ensures strong erection.

Besides, Tadapox contains the best ED ingredient – Cialis. Unlike Viagra Cialis performs a prolonged effect and ensures potent erection ability up to 36 hours with a single dosage. Dapoxetine is contained in Tadapox in activated form which ensures its lasting effect and ability to provide strong and long erection together with Cialis.

Cialis is a PDE inhibiting class drug which stimulates blood flow and penile muscles relaxation for better saturation of tissues with blood. Thus a penis gets able to develop a strong erection. In case of premature ejaculation a dosage of Dapoxetine contained in the pill will reduce sensitivity of the penile tissues and thus will prolong the sexual intercourse giving a patient a better control over erection.

Tadapox is over the counter medication for erection. It is safe and effective. However we strongly recommend seeing your doctor before starting the treatment.

Directions for the use of Tadapox

Tadapox with its key components is the most powerful erection treatment drug. The pills are administered to men suffering from two of the most commonly diagnosed male sexual disorders. Tadapox treats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with one pill. Tadapox should only be taken by men with at least one of the following symptoms:

  • weak erection
  • inability to keep strong erection
  • inability to last long
  • ejaculating right after the penetration
  • sexual intercourse lasting less than 2 minutes

It is important to consider that all of these symptoms are considered to be a norm if they are occasional. It means that if a symptom appears once in a month, then a patient does not need any treatments or clinical tests as such conditions normally occur in men due to fatigue, overexcitement,   excessive physical or visual stimulation. Other reasons are diseases, traumas, new formations in penile tissues.

Tadapox should only be used after the symptoms turn to be repetitive. It is a serious medication which affects heart and blood system, brain and hormonal profile, it should not be take for fun to prolong a normal sexual intercourse or to develop extra strong erection. In this case the body may fail and the pill will perform an adverse effect of complete inability to develop and hold an erection not mentioning the ejaculation.

How should I use Tadapox?

Tadapox pills are for oral use only. A patient should take one pill by mouth not chewing it with a glass of water. The pill should not be split. Mind that one pill of Tadapox contains sufficient dosages of Cialis and Dapoxetine. Thus overdosing may perform severe side effects.

Due to a prolonged action of Cialis Tadapox should not be taken more frequently than once per 24 hours. Each pill ensures normal erection and sufficient length of sex for satisfaction of the partner and a patient himself. If a minimal dosage fails to effect the erection or the effect seems to be insufficient, a patient should not take another pill of Tadapox to avoid overdosing. If you buy Tadapox online (60mg), then you should not take two pills at once to get a desired dosage. You need to buy Tadapox online (100mg) to get a maximum allowed dosage for one time intake.

What may interact with Tadapox?

As Tadapox contains two powerful drugs for erectile disorders treatment, then the interactions of the pill are determined with its ingredients. Tadalafil should not be taken with nitrites and other ED drugs, while Dapoxetie is forbidden to take with steroids.

Our recommendations will be to see your doctor and to tell you are going to take Tadapox. List all the pills you are taking to avoid severe interactions. There are certain classes of drugs which get accumulated in the blood and may interact with components of Tadapox. The effect may be fatal. That is why you should list all the drugs and traditional medications you have been taking for previous two weeks.

What should I watch for while taking Tadapox?

Though Tadapox is a safe medication and in most cases it is well tolerable, still you should watch your overall condition when taking the treatment. Tadapox may affect your heart beat rate and blood pressure. It is considered to be a norm.

Tadapox is not affected by meals you take. Fats in the meal do neither reduce the efficiency nor affect its absorption.


Though you can buy Tadapox online and the drug is available even in USA, Canada, UK and Australia, still it has certain contraindications.

Tadapox is forbidden in patients with renal and hepatic impairment. It is not recommended for patients with urinary inflammations and of course people with heart diseases and blood pressure instability should avoid all sorts of ED pills due to their effect on blood flow.

If Tadapox is only available solution for ED and premature ejaculation, then a patient should see a doctor prior to taking the first pill.

What side effects may I notice from Tadapox?

Tadapox is a well tolerable drug. The side effects are rare and are minor. This means that their presence is so mild and unnoticeable that these may be neglected. Most patients tolerate the drug without side effects. However you may notice:

dizziness and headache – these side effects commonly depend on the dosage of Tadapox. If you take the maximum dosage of the drug, then ask your doctor to administer you a lower dosage or buy Tadapox online in pills of 60mg.

Nausea and vomiting – these side effects appear in up to 5% of cases. If you take maximum dosage of the drug, then a lower dosage will be a solution for you. If these symptoms appear after low dosage of Tadapox, then you should stop taking the pills and ask your health care provider to administer you another drug.