Asthma is one of the most dangerous diseases known. A bronchospasm blocks the airways and a patient suffocates. The spasm ca cause hypoxia which is poor saturation of blood with oxygen which is another serious risk for health and life of the patient. Asthma is a chronic and incurable disease, however modern pharmacy as developed powerful and effective medications to control and curb asthmatic severe acute states. One of the most widely applied medications is Ventolin HFA Inhaler which comes in spray that should be deeply inhaled by a patient during the next asthmatic episode. People with asthma commonly live a very limited life. They must avoid asthma triggers, thus they can not enjoy healthy physical activities, can not keep pets at home and should be extremely careful when choosing clothes and body care goods as it is almost impossible to test a patient and his or her asthma for all possible triggers existing in the environment. Ventolin HFA Inhaler is available in USA, Canada, Australia and UK. You can buy Ventolin HFA Inhaler online without prescription. If you switch to Ventolin HFA Inhaler from other asthma controlling medication you should better consult your doctor on possible effects and risks. Some medications perform strong withdrawal effect. So you need to be extremely careful.

What is Ventolin HFA Inhaler?

Ventolin HFA Inhaler is asthma control drug with albuterol as its main ingredient. It comes as inhaling spray with a precise dose counter. Thus a patient will know for sure how many dosages are left in the inhaler and when to buy Ventolin HFA Inhaler online for the net time. The medication is approved for administering to children of the age of 4 and older. There are no clinical studies proving the efficiency of the drug in children under 4 years old.

The inhaler comes on the market in two dosages of 204 or 64 sprays in one container. When the first dosage is sprayed the counter will count minus 1 dosage.

The albuterol relieves the bronchospasm ensuring deep and even breathing of a patient during the asthmatic episode. The medication reduces the asthma related symptoms.

The inhaler will also help exercise induced bronchospasm that occurs after excessive physical workouts. Commonly the symptom appears after cardio workouts. The inability to breath should not be neglected. If the symptoms occur suddenly then the measures should be taken immediately.

You can buy Ventolin HFA Inhaler online without prescription and prior seeing your doctor if the asthma is diagnosed and you have previously successfully respond to other asthma controlling drugs.

Ventolin HFA Inhaler should not be taken by patients who experience problems with breathing which are similar to bronchospasm without seeing a doctor and getting tests done. You need to know the reason of the state and the causes of bronchospasms in order to manage your lifestyle. There are serious cases when bronchospasm occurs due different reasons which are not related to asthma.

Directions for the use of Ventolin HFA Inhaler

Ventolin HFA Inhaler should be taken only after proving tests which reveal asthma related bronchospasms in a patient. This is a very serious medication which can not be used on ones own without prescription. Even if you use Ventolin HFA Inhaler occasionally and feel relief after inhaling the medication you must visit your doctor and report your symptoms as the Ventolin HFA Inhaler will only ease the symptoms and control asthma and bronchospasm, but will not cure a disease. Do not use Ventolin HFA Inhaler to relieve breathing disorders of unknown genesis as the medication may mask the disease and perplex the diagnostics.

Use Ventolin HFA Inhaler only as you are prescribed by your doctor or as it is indicated in the instruction to the medication.

The drug should be inhaled only. Do not open the canister to get the substance and to use it in any other way. Opening the canister will decrease the efficiency of the drug and will make it impossible to control the dosage of the medication taken.

How should I use Ventolin HFA Inhaler?

You can buy Ventolin HFA Inhaler online (the medication is available in USA, Canada, UK and Australia as well, online stores sell it over the counter). You must use the inhaler only as it is prescribed to you.

The inhaler should be primed before the first usage by patient. To prime the Ventolin HFA Inhaler you should shake it well and spray a one time dosage of the medication in the air directing the inhaler away from your mouth.

Shake the inhaler once again and spray another two or three dosages in the air. The counter will them show 200 or 60 (according to the volume chosen) of dosages which are remained in the inhaler. Now the container is ready for usage.

If the inhaler is unused for 14 days or more, then it should be primed once again after getting back to treatment.

When a patient needs a dosage, the inhaler should be shaken again. A patient should hold the container with a mouthpiece down. The patient should breath out as much of air from the lungs as possible before placing the inhaler tip in the mouth and closing the lips to avoid losses of the medication through open mouth.

Push the button on the top of the inhaler and make a deep breath in and take the inhaler tip out of the mouth. Hold the breath for about 10 seconds to let the medication calm the bronchi and relieve the spasm. Then a patient should breath out slowly.

Commonly patients are enough of one dosage. However if the relief does not come in few seconds after breathing out then a dosage should be repeated.

Contact your doctor if you need more and more dosages per time to relieve the spasms of bronchi. Keep the inhaler clean. A patient with asthma should always have the medication at hand as it is unknown when the next episode of asthma or bronchospasm will occur.

The Ventolin HFA Inhaler is prescribed to patients for constant (keeping to a certain schedule) or occasional use (when bronchospasm occurs). Only your doctor can manage the treatment course and dosage. In case of emergency take up to two dosages to relieve the symptoms. If the Ventolin HFA Inhaler is prescribed to a child then supervision of intakes by adults is a must.

What may interact with Ventolin HFA Inhaler?

Ventolin HFA Inhaler does not interact with foods or drinks, its effect does not depend on the meals. However it is recommended to avoid taking foods or drinks within the next 15 minutes after the inhaling of the medication. If a patient takes serious drugs then he or she should report the complete list of taken drugs to the doctor to prevent serious reactions. The patient should consider all drugs which are taken constantly or occasionally.

What should I watch for while taking Ventolin HFA Inhaler?

Ventolin HFA Inhaler is a safe medication, you can buy Ventolin HFA Inhaler online over the counter, the prescription of your doctor is not needed to get the drug. However a patient should mind that Ventolin HFA Inhaler does not cure asthma. It is a medication for control of the symptoms. Every patient should follow his or her state and the symptoms. If the condition gets worse, then seeing a doctor is a must. A patient should also visit a doctor if a one time dosage turns unable to relieve the symptoms.


As an average drug Ventolin HFA Inhaler features certain contraindications:

the drug should not be taken by patients with similar symptoms of asthma but who are not diagnosed yet.

The medication should not be used by patients who perform allergic reactions to other asthma controlling drugs.

Ventolin HFA Inhaler should not be used in children under 4.

Pregnant and women planning pregnancy should first visit a doctor before starting Ventolin HFA Inhaler.

What side effects may I notice from Ventolin HFA Inhaler?

Ventolin HFA Inhaler may perform mild side effects. There are no evident cases of severe side effects related to the intake of the drug. Some people do not respond to Ventolin HFA Inhaler and develop serious breathing problems, cough and wheezing. Heart and blood pressure problems are rarely reported.

Among common side effects there are headache, coughing, increased heart beat, sore throat, muscle and abdominal pain.